& Paintbrushes

Innovation and Quality: The Core of Our DIY and Paintbrush Products.

Industrial Strength, Delivered through Precision-Crafted Filaments.

At Natu, we understand the demands of the do-it-yourself and art world and the critical role that durable, high-performance products play. Our range of products focused on these disciplines, forged from high quality filaments, are designed to meet these exacting demands and guarantee optimum performance in every type of use. Each product goes through our stringent quality control process, ensuring that they stand the test of time and the rigorous conditions of industrial use, as well as the finesse required for the art world. From brushes and paintbrushes for painting all types of surfaces, to specific tools for various applications, Natu's do-it-yourself and paintbrush products encapsulate our commitment to excellence, innovation and reliability.

  • Brushes and Paintbrushes of all types for painting in different surfaces.

  • Specific Tools: Customized solutions to meet special needs.

  • Other Items: A versatile range to meet the diverse needs of the DIY and art world.



PBT | PET | PP | PA.


0.05mm-0.5mm (0.5mm+ also available upon request)


Solid filament | Tapered Filament | Hollow Filament

Cross-Section Shape

Round | Triangle | Star | Cross | (other shapes upon request)



Our Filaments Characteristics.

High Strength

Excellent Bending Strength

Excellent Tensile Strength

Excellent Elasticity

Excellent Softness

Content Uniformity

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