Dental Care

Revolutionize dental care with our innovative products.

Our dental products ensure optimal oral hygiene with comfort and design.

At Natu, we apply our extensive knowledge and expertise in filament technology to create superior toothbrushes.

We design our products to deliver outstanding performance and durability while promoting optimal oral health.

We recognize the importance of precision in dental care, so we subject our products to rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure maximum effectiveness.

For both individual consumers and dental professionals, our products offer reliability and unparalleled results, setting new standards in dental care.

  • Interdentals

  • Dental Floss

  • Toothbrushes

Interdental Brushes

Designed to reach areas between teeth, providing effective cleaning and contributing to oral health by removing plaque and food residues.

Engineered for optimal reach and thorough cleaning.

3 in 1 with a smart design for the deepest and most demanding cleaning.

Dental Floss

Eliminates plaque and hard-to-reach food residues through flossing, promoting comprehensive oral hygiene and the prevention of dental problems.

A sturdy and ergonomic dental floss for comfortable and effective use.

2 in 1, dental floss + cleaning tip.


Designed to clean teeth and gums, removing plaque and food residues.

Precision bristles for effective cleaning and gum care.

Sturdy and ergonomic toothbrush for comfortable and effective use.

Extra soft





PBT | PET | PP | PA.


0.05mm-0.5mm (0.5mm+ also available upon request).


Solid filament | Tapered Filament | Hollow Filament

Cross-Section Shape

Round | Triangle | Star | Cross | (other shapes upon request)



Our Filaments Characteristics.

High Strength

Excellent Bending Strength

Excellent Tensile Strength

Excellent Elasticity

Excellent Softness

Content Uniformity

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