Specialized in the creation of beauty products based on high quality filaments.

High quality beauty products and accessories.

At Natu, we fuse beauty with quality through our products, created with premium filaments. From makeup brushes to eyeliners and eyebrow brushes, each item promises precision and durability, allowing for a unique beauty expression. Natu takes beauty beyond the surface, integrating it into the essence of our products.

Makeup Brushes:

With filaments of the highest quality that promise not only precision in each application, but also unparalleled softness.


Designed to provide control and precision, offering dazzling results.

Eyebrow Brushes:

Designed to precisely shape and perfect your eyebrows.

Makeup sponges:

Specially designed for an impeccable finish. Materials of the highest quality, combining softness with durability.

Beauty Accessories:

Gupillons, Precision Brushes, Stainless Steel Palettes and Spatulas, and much more.

  • Brochas de maquillaje

  • Delineadores y cepillos

  • Esponjas de maquillaje

Makeup brushes

In Natu, we are experts in the beauty sector, where our experience is reflected through a wide range of makeup brushes and brushes.

Collaborate with us in the creation of your makeup brushes and brushes. Choose one of our catalog models or create your own design from scratch. With our expert team, we offer you a unique experience that is totally adaptable to your needs.

Customize every aspect of your product, from the filament to the ferrule to the handle, finishes, colors and materials. Immerse yourself in an unprecedented customization experience, where every detail is tailored to your preferences and needs, ensuring that the end result is unique.

At Natu, we not only bring your ideas to life, but we turn them into innovative designs and superior quality products. Our mission is to capture the essence of your visions and materialize them into exceptional creations that exceed your expectations.

Types of lollipops

Makeup sponges

With the highest quality materials, our makeup sponges combine exceptional softness with durability, adapting perfectly to the contours of the face. Their innovative technology ensures an even and effortless application.

Types of makeup sponges



PBT (Polybutylene) | PET (Polyethylene) | Other materials (Upon request)


0.05mm-0.5mm (0.5mm+ also available upon request)


Solid filament | Tapered Filament | Hollow Filament

Cross-Section Shape

Round | Triangle | Star | Cross | (other shapes upon request)



Our Filaments Characteristics.

High Strength

Excellent Bending Strength

Excellent Tensile Strength

Excellent Elasticity

Excellent Softness

Content Uniformity

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